Atrocities from Beyond


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Christopher thumbnail
Christopher I imagine dark horses of fire riding into war... Favorite track: Apocalyptic Premonition.
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson thumbnail
Jacob Nelson "If you don't have this album. I don't know what the F**k your doing" this is the heaviest slam album ever. it's a true masterpiece. Portugal for the win!! Favorite track: The Vermin Devourer.
Wilhelm G
Wilhelm G thumbnail
Wilhelm G One of my favourite releases of 2017 so far, and one of my favourite slam releases of all time. Groovy, catchy, brutal.
Trumpenmeister thumbnail
Trumpenmeister This is going to be one of the best brutal death albums of 2017. Or best metal albums in general. Period. Doesn't matter what else is coming. Really good production.
Ben Rupe
Ben Rupe thumbnail
Ben Rupe Top tier slam death metal. Ground n' pound blasts and rabid grooves under ruthless vocals packaged in a very modern and dense soundscape, which lends to their theme of extraterrestrial extermination. If you like slam, this will exceed your expectations. Favorite track: The Vermin Devourer.
Grevalus thumbnail
Grevalus Great album from start to finish, I love the pacing of all of the songs, and I'm a sucker for the sci-fi theme. Favorite track: Atrocity Deeds.
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A co-release between Vomit Your Shirt (Portugal) and Rising Nemesis Records (Germany).

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings.
All intros and FX by Analepsy and Miguel Tereso.
Drums recorded by Tiago Mesquita at Nox Messor Studios.

Artwork by Pedro Sena. Layout by Marco Martins.

Guest vocals on "Ferocious Aftermath" by Sérgio Afonso.
Guest vocals on "Atrocity Deeds" by Larry Wang.


released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved


ANALEPSY Lisbon, Portugal

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Track Name: Apocalyptic Premonition
Materialized Visions of an Ending Era
A Glimpse of Death
Foreshadowed in My Dreams
There Is No Error
The Gateway Is Open
Despair Will Follow
In My Eyes the Beasts Fall From the Sky
And They Will Swallow
Entire Race Perishing
Turning Into Nothing
Their Rage and Famine
Over the Masses
The Absurd of Destruction
Following the Design
Creatures With No Purpose but to Consume

Starvation, Affliction
Ravage, Devour
Starvation, Affliction
Ravage, Devour
Track Name: Rifts to Abhorrence
The Slit in the Middle of Our Cosmos
Spat Aberrations as Predicted
Crushing Everything in his Path
Eradicating All Existence
With No Resistance In Their Way
The Decimation Has Begun
The Massacre Has Only Just Started
And All Life Around Would Have Been Erased
As Long as They Starve, the Parasite Will Never Stop
Consuming Essence
Like An Act of Purification the Root of the Malicious
Continues to Spread Over Our Home
Without Getting Tired
The Vicious Being Will Tear Your World Apart Now
There's Nowhere to Hide
We Anticipated This Event Years Ago
Now It's Time to Face Reality
Track Name: The Vermin Devourer
A Reign of Misery
A Vital Source to Consume
A Ruler of an Angry Nest
Carcasses of Fallen Relatives
Too Many Mouths to Feed
Deteriorating in Their Own Suffering
A Curse Till the End of Times
Condemned for Eternity

Drainers With No Restrictions
Exhausting Every Last Resource
Iniquitous Deeds Led Them to Be Locked Away

But Every Cage Has Its Fails That No One Could Predict
The Asylum Began to Rupture
And the Breach Flooded With Corpses
Vermin Devourer, The One Devourer
With No Relent, They Marched to Freedom
To See the Scourge End
Track Name: Witnesses of Extinction
For Those Who Survived
Their Confidence Is in Vain
the Belief to Escape Is Just a Shadow of Lost Faith
Between Shattered Worlds
Hope Fading Away
One Perfect Civilization
Now, Resting in Dust

Witnesses of Extinction
Witnesses of Destruction
Witnesses of Extinction
The End Is at Hand

There Is Nowhere to Hide
Nothing More to Consume
The Abyss Depleted of Life
The Atrocious Prevailed

Witnesses of Extinction
Witnesses of Destruction
Witnesses of Extinction
The End Is at Hand
There Is Nowhere to Hide
Nothing More to Consume
The Abyss Depleted of Life
The Atrocious Prevailed
Between Shattered Worlds
Hope Fading Away
One Perfect Civilization
Now, Resting in Dust
Resting in Dust
Track Name: Ferocious Aftermath
Atrocious Outcome
Results in a Mist of Blood and Carnage
Spreads in a River
Fog of Death
Embrace the Bodies
Floating, Piling, Death

Dried Universe
Nothing to Eat
Eating Your Own Kind
Spare No One
Impulse to Devour
Eating Each Other
Incessant Hunger, Crushing Through the Line of All Creatures

Survival of the Fittest, Crush Me With Fear
Sting Me With Corruption
Crush Me With Fear
Smash Them With Hate
Destroy Them With Anger
Consuming All Life
Taking Everything
No Escape

Slaughter (x6)

Near the End, All Seems Clear
Animal Instinct
Survival for the Fittest
Crush My Fear Obliterate and Smash
All With Hate
Instigate Fear

Unable to Stop It (x2)
Track Name: Engorged Absorption
Deeds of Damnation
Between Modified Reality
The Forsaken Sends the Sickest Damned
Unto the Abyss of Infinity

With It’s Impenetrable Mind
Forged With Lies of a Faulty World

Now the Entire Existence Is Reclaimed by the Ancient Unholy Entities

Condemned... By a False Ideology
Engulfed... By the Darkest of Realities

Devastated, Impure Life-form
Perished Through the Desecration
Your God Is Vanished
Prevail the Abominations
They Have Slept for Centuries

Leaving Greed Consumes Purity
Now the Bodies Turned Into Ashes

Condemned... By a False Ideology

Forever Left in Oblivion
The World Is Extinguished
Engorged by Those Who Create
Engorged by Those Who Destroy
An Ancient Entity Revealed

Behold the Suffering...
Invoke the Awaken...
Track Name: Eons In Vacuum
Wandering in the Darkness
Traveling Through Empty Space
Notion Is as Abstract Visions in My Brain

Who Am I?
Why Am I Here?
The Pain, I Feel, This Can’t Be Real
My Flesh, My Soul, Is Real After All

Why I Am Feeling Like This?
What Can I Do to Exist?

Trapped Here in This Moment
Memories, I Have None
Agonizing Here Alone
In My Own Torment

Boiling My Blood in Hate
For Reasons I Don’t Know
I Can Feel This Evil
Growing in My Being

The Pain, I Feel, This Can’t Be Real
My Flesh, My Soul, Is Real After All
A Flash of What I Can Become

What Have I Become?
Track Name: Depths of Agony
Instrumental Track.
Track Name: Atrocity Deeds
Feel My Hands Controlling Your Life
My Dearest Puppet
You May Calm Me God

I Have Created and Killed Many Maggots Like You
The Joy of Making You Suffer Has No End
You Are Here to Please Me

My Will, My Desires
Echoes in Your Suffering, Uncontrolled

My Favorite Tools to Use
Unconscious Beings
Lives to Spare at My Disposal
Turn Into Spoilage

by My Will, by My Desires, by My Hands You May Agonize
Pleasing Deaths, March for War
Faded Hope, Corrupted Minds, Bleeding for Me

you’re Mine, My Own, Blinded Servants, Arrogant Believers in Fake Images
From All Creations I Have Made, You Are the Worst
The Most Disgusting Feeling for You Is What Motivates My Ways
Thirst to See You Bleed Fills My Mind and Warms My Hearth
The Mistakes I Commited in the Past Just Turned Into Profit

Beg for Blessing, Beg for Forgiveness …and Die!
Track Name: Omen of Return
Instrumental Track.